• Public relations fails

    when there is no integrity

  • Who We Are

    Chayun Public Relations is one of the most recognized communications services group originated in Korea. Established in 1992, CPR has come a long way transforming itself to an intelligent integrated communication group. We have global capabilities in: PR and media management, brand marketing, corporate communications, digital marketing, social media and market access.


    Over the years CPR has earned the reputation of being reliable, responsive and uniquely steadfast to its clients, believing in the long-term relationship. CPR is especially proud of its strong media relations network – ranging from general daily media to specialized trade media. CPR’s strong media relationship and management skills provide a variety of great advantages and benefits to related clients.

    Based on 3 key philosophy of honesty, sincerely and integrity, CPR provides service, dedication and expertise that are rare in other agencies. Average working period of retaining clients are 8-10 years, with accountable members working as a team for each client.

  • What We Do

    CPR works with great brands from all around the world, and we pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results.


    In order to deliver the best outcomes, CPR develops the campaign structure from research and insights to strategy, tactics, contents, media and stakeholder engagement, social, media training. Also the company provides a wide spectrum of PR marketing and brand management services across disciplines of traditional PR, social media, marketing & communication support, event management, material productions and media training for multinational companies in Korea, from IT and semiconductor, automation factory and industrial communications, tech-Ad and AI mobile technology, aerospace and aircraft, food and beverage and hospitality to luxury brands.


    CPR has strong open network not only in the Asia region but also in other major continents including U.S. and Europe, able to execute consolidated programs outside Korea.


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